See Where To Borrow Money – Low Interest

At the beginning of the year getting money back from bank, financial or credit institutions may be the way out so as not to be ruined by the high interest costs charged which some modalities submit their borrowers. Therefore, figuring out the costs with interest and insurance built in is recommended by almost all finance experts.

Few people are controlled by the expenses of the last month of the year, and if you are also part of this group that spent what it could and could not, it is sure that already started 2014 full of accounts to pay, that is, this indebted.

Have you noticed how you currently have credit solutions available? Even if you have access to many lines of loans, financing or personal credit , never forget that the best alternative is to get away from the higher rates. If you are looking for credit lines to clear outstanding debts, study which bank loans will benefit you at affordable interest rates.

Before choosing the institution, the mode and what interest will affect your budget in a minimized way, research among banks, look for the best rates and if possible bargain the best conditions with your own bank.  To hire a personal loan, for example, the citizen has more and more options, including the bureaucracies are progressively decreasing. Getting money today is easy, even at ATMs, thanks to pre-approved lines of credit. Having access to your bank’s website, borrowing money is very fast, easy and totally debureaucratized.

But stay tuned! Do not fall into long-term pitfalls and small plots. Some banks charge personal loans and overdraft fees between 4.89% and 6.99% per month + insurance and IOF, these are the lines most contracted by bank customers.

The credit card is worse than the overdraft, it is easy to use, it does not have bureaucracy but the interest is to munch, on average it is charged up to 600% per year (16% per month or more). But when used wisely, the 40 days without interest is sensational, as long as the invoice is paid on time, of course.

Exchanging more expensive debts worth?

Exchanging more expensive debts worth?


If you have credit card debt, overdraft or bank loan, the best bet is to get money on cheaper lines of credit. If you already understand that you will not be able to pay off your financial commitments, you will not be able to get loans at cheaper rates to get out of the way, sell something you do not need anymore.

For those who are in debt and can apply for payroll deductible credit, this modality currently has the lowest interest rates, in addition, the installments are debited directly in the retirement, in the pension, in the INSS pension or salary.

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